A horn to love

The Blue Rose Saxophone - Alto - Lady

Dreamy, Different, interesting, beautiful, tantalizing, naughty, saxy or simply… A horn to love!

When you love something, you just know it. Balls to bones! And if we know one thing, it’s that every saxophone player loves his/her instrument. A saxophone is not just some “thing” it’s a partner, a companion, an extension of yourself that can be as dear to you as an arm or a leg.

This is the core idea of our design philosophy and it’s reflected in every facet of the Blue Rose saxophone. What makes a saxophone your dream instrument?  Too often it’s suggested that ,the most expensive saxophone, is the best. We defy this idea.

A horn to love needs: a price to love, a sound to invoke the soul of your hero’s, a feel akin to Marilyn Monroe’s hips, Looks to kill, and a depth of culture that connects you to the history of all art and music.

A Horn to love is not just an instrument, It’s a piece of art that is meant to become part of your life. Inspiring you to play songs from your balcony in the morning sunlight, to sing in the rain and to give the soundtrack of your life a powerful voice that portrays all that you are.

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