The mystery of connection

With a spark in his heart, that was ready to erupt into flame at the first opportunity, he hastily followed the object which had struck him so. Amazed and surprised, or so it seemed, by his own new-found courage. The unknown being that had arrested his: eyes, thoughts and feelings suddenly turned her head and threw him a single glance.
MY GOD! What divine features!
Her dazzling deep black hair cast a shadow over her most delicate forehead which was radiant with a perfect, almost blinding, whiteness. Her hair curled en curved, seemingly without end. It flowed from under her small hat and kissed her cheek. And the kiss filled the early-evening air with a fresh blossom.
A swarm of the most delicious dreams sealed her kiss. All his hopes and passions. All that brought forth his silent admiration. It all seemed fused together and radiating brightly from her perfectly formed lips. A surge erupted through his body. As if his feelings were aglow and everything else in the world seemed shrouded in mist. And all that from just one look! Just one turn of her perfect face… (From “The Nevski Priospekt” by Nikolaj Gogol)

We don’t choose an instrument

Finding your dream instrument is like falling in love.
There’s: anticipation, mystery, attraction and a connection that is hard to describe in words. You can feel it’s there from the very first moment, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.
And that’s how it should be! It’s where the journey of your discovery both begins and ends. No matter how long you play together. You should always keep discovering new things and inspiring each-other.

This was perhaps our most important challenge when crafting the Blue Rose saxophone.

To create an instrument with real depth that holds it’s own mysteries and can seduce and enchant with it’s own, unique and powerful presence.
It wasn’t easy, especially acoustically. We tried many different things to infuse the sax with “something more” and failed, but every day we got a little closer. And slowly we could see and feel how she became more than the sum of her parts. We could feel it in the growing smiles of our test musicians, the way they looked at the instrument, the way they didn’t want to stop playing. And we could feel it ourselves too. All the love and attention-to-detail we put into crafting every part. It slowly blended together and become one.

That’s how our saxophone became the Blue Rose, how she found her own magic!

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