The Voice

The Amsterdam Blue Rose saxophone. A horn to love!

A voice to love.

When I first heard that voice,
my heart shook hands with the clouds
My soul melted, froze, and melted again
My mind overwhelmed
with the shear beauty of the moment
If I had a voice that could enchant like that…

I would sing forever.

Acoustic design

The Blue Rose saxophone truly blends the classic with the modern. This is especially noticeable in her acoustic design. Show your Blue Rose to any experienced player or repairman and he/she will immediately notice she packs the latest and best tuning apparatus, but it’s blended artfully within an overall build that makes it easy to mistake her for a much older horn.

Metallurgically we’ve also made different choices. While most modern horns try to emulate the modern “French” sound, the Blue Rose looks to the much loved vintage American: Conn and Martin saxophones for her inspiration. This means a voice with: more body, a smoother timbre and deeper more soulful acoustic coloring.

On top of that: the vintage and minimalist: key structure, key guards and grills make The Blue Rose incredibly open. Giving you an absolute minimum of sound obstruction. While the modern post, and tone-whole placing give her the power of today’s impeccable pitch.

The Blue Rose is ready for anything. As we like to say: “This lady can literally play any song you know!” And she’ll make it shine!

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You’ve changed played by Benjamin Herman on the Blue Rose Alto saxophone


“You’ve Changed” gespeeld door Benjamin Herman op de zelf ontwikkelde “Blue Rose” Altsaxofoon van Florian Rooz

Posted by Wim van Gelder on Sunday, 17 January 2016