Blue Rose Saxophones Tenor - The Bad Boy

A lovely ray of inspiration

Look at beauty
In the only way that beauty can be seen
Let her give birth to your creativity
Be in touch with her subtle song
For the love of the gods belongs to all who give themselves to true virtue and nourish it.
And if any human could become immortal
it would be him that embraces beauty.

Blending modern functionality with iconic style

If looks could kill, nobody’d be able to play a Blue Rose saxophone. Fortunately they don’t, and so we get to enjoy a vision of a true beauty.
The design principles of the Blue Rose stretch all the way back to Plato’s symposium and his lessons on beauty. And, to the curious observer, their is much to discover in her design. Great: painters, poets, designers and dreamers ,from all over history, have found their way into her heart.

This is no coincidence, since the Blue Rose was born in the city of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. A city founded on the principles of: beauty, brother-ship and freedom. For over a thousand years Amsterdam has been at the heart of the world, fusing cultures, and boldly leading in the field of personal freedom and expression. Today it is a bastion of the arts and music. Amsterdam nourishes the soul.

And we’ve gone to great lengths to capture her essence in our design. The Blue Rose saxophone is an Amsterdammer: Proud, Free and Powerful! And she will command attention and shine in your hands wherever you take her.

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