Touch me

Holy Palmer’s kiss

If I profane, with my unworthy hands this holy shrine
The gentle fine is this:
My musicians-hands, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, to embrace your wonders and sing notes of a beauty unmatched.
Make me one with the wind
Grant me the power to ignite your passions
Let me weave your song
kiss me
And we will enchant the world.

Tactile Design

Woman believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about a man.
We believe something similar is true of saxophones and their players. From the first moment, a horn to love needs to feel absolutely right in your hands. So we took great care in designing the tactile experience of the Blue Rose saxophone. Painstakingly balancing all aspects of the instrument to create a unique feel that gives you the best: response, control and comfort while playing.

A great example of the unique tactile flavor of the Blue Rose is the addition of the handcrafted X-pearl keys. A feature envisioned and invented exclusively for the Blue Rose. They don’t just look amazing, forming the age old symbol of Amsterdam. They also create a bit of very subtle extra feeling with the notes of the C-major scale (Eb on Alto, Bb on Tenor) on the instument . Which adds a dimension to playing the Blue Rose that no other saxophone has. Making the player “Feel” the central scale.

It’s so unique, we ,quite literally, can’t explain the tactile effect of this addition in words, but play her, even once, and we guarantee, you’ll recognize her blindfolded anytime and anywhere, just by her touch!

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