Blue Rose Saxophones Tenor - The Bad Boy


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  • Blue Rose Bakelite Tenor mouthpiece + ligature + protection cap
  • Blue Rose saxophone Hard case + Shoulder band + security keys
  • Blue Rose standard neck chord
  • Starter reed
  • Polish cloth
  • Cork grease
  • Hello Saxophone (The nr 1 starter’s guide to the saxophone) home study pack (download)

Stand tall with the gentleman!

Join the ranks of: Coleman Hawkins, Lucky Thompson. Lester Young, Stan Getz, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins!

The Tenor embodies the range and versatility of the male human voice. With a powerful low register that’s rich in: deep, lush overtones and with a colorful high range that has a darker timbre than the Alto saxophone.

The Blue Rose Tenor is a classy man and a versatile bad boy! Projecting both power and grace. An instrument that channels the timbre of: Sinatra, Dean Martin or Gene Kelly, but will also follow you to the depths and grace of John Coltrane or the upbeat Caribbean vibes of Sonny Rollins. With our Blue Rose tenor you will command the attention of any crowd and bring a powerful voice into your life!


        • Blue Rose Tenor neck with vintage octave mechanism
        • Handcrafted “X pearl inlaid” keys
        • Vintage key guards
        • Vintage pearl quick F key
        • Vintage pearl side F# key
        • Available with or without High F# key
        • Drawn tone wholes
        • High quality Italian leather pads
        • high quality Blue steel needle springs
        • Neck – High quality yellow brass
        • Body – High quality yellow brass
        • Bell – High quality yellow brass
        • Key cups, rods & posts – High quality yellow brass
        • Available in full Brass or with Nickelsilver plated keys

Six unique engravings by Florian Rooz
(optional) Engrave your name in your saxophone

Stan van de Wetering playing the Blue Rose Bad Boy in our short film SESSION

Efraim Trujillo (Edison award winning) Dutch Saxophone hero takes the Blue Rose Bad Boy for a little spin:

For your viewing and listening pleasure 🙂 We had a great time today with, Edison award winning, Efraim Trujillo who tried out both our Lady & The Bad Boy. Demonstrating beautifully the fluidity of our instrument and also it’s remarkable ability to subtone very easily. Thanks Efraim for some great feedback! Enjoy his wonderful sound on the tenor 😀

Posted by Blue rose saxophones on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Blue Rose Bad Boy at work in: The Amsterdam Funk Orchestra (one of Amsterdam’s most famous amateur funk orchestra’s)


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