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Happy New Year, and happy NEW Blue Rose!

The moment is finally here, Blue Rose saxophones is heading in a bold new direction!

Since our start in 2016 we’ve been incredibly blessed to be part of the lives of some amazing saxophone lovers from around the world. From Norway to Sri -anka and Saudi Arabia to the US, our saxophones have traveled the globe and we couldn’t be prouder. We’ve designed many custom engravings to: honor fallen soldiers and friends, remember youthful love-stories and celebrate life long love and friendship. Some of the stories we heard from our players have literally moved us to tears and we are truly honored and humbled by this.

Blue Rose saxophones is to date, one of the only saxophone makers that truly customizes every horn we make. Every horn flows through Florian Rooz’s hands and many of them have completely different uses of materials and designs in order to make something truly special and personal for our players.

From the start of this year (2020) our approach is going to be a little different. One of our main challenges has been our production time. Since we make a limited amount of saxophones each year, and Florian Rooz is also a very busy: entrepreneur, public speaker and art-dealer, the average time-frame for producing our saxophones has been roughly between 8 and 20 weeks, varying greatly based on the number of horns we are working on at any given time in the year.  In order to provide a better and more timely production process, we are going to limit the number of saxophones we produce in 2020 to 30 per year. This way we hope to shorten production time to 6-8 weeks, while adding a few exciting new customization options (more on this in a future post).

We are looking forward to a beautiful new year, making some truly unique horns for our amazing family of players.

To all of you. We wish you a beautiful warm Christmas and a happy new year.




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